Tilta Dual Circular Filter Tray for Mirage Matte Box (95mm)

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Tilta Dual Circular Filter Tray for Mirage Matte Box (95mm)

Key Features
  • Accepts Two 95mm Circular Filters
  • Designed for Tilta Mirage Matte Box
  • Stack to Utilize Multiple Filter Trays
  • Use Two with the Stackable Filter Tray
  • Lightweight and Durable
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Combine multiple 95mm circular filters to achieve a unique aesthetic with the 95mm Tilta Dual Circular Filter Tray for Mirage Matte Box. It slides into the slot behind the matte box hood and in front of the lens mount. It replaces the standard circular filter tray, adding the ability to combine two filters, combining their effects.

These Dual Circular Filter Trays can be doubled up, making it possible to shoot with four 95mm circular filters at once by using the Stackable Filter Tray (available separately).

Combine Two Filters
The Dual Circular Filter holds two 95mm circular filters in place inside the Mirage matte box. This feature enables shooters to achieve looks that are otherwise out of reach with a single filter.
Stackability for Specific Looks
This product can be combined with the optional Stackable Circular Filter Tray (95mm) which enables the use of four 95mm circular filters to achieve highly crafted and specific effects.
This filter tray is designed to accept all 95mm filters on the market.
This filter tray is made of aluminum and stainless steel for maximum dimensional stability and minimal weight.