NiSi Swift Black Mist


NiSi Swift Black Mist

This is the stackable Black Mist 1/4 filter for the NiSi Swift system. To read more about this filter, please visit the NiSi Black Mist product page.

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How it Works

The Swift system uses the  1-5 True Colour VND as a foundation, which screws into the lens thread like any conventional filter. A variety of other popular filters can then be connected via a low-friction system that just pops onto the main filter to create up to 15 configurations. Each component is available individually or as part of a kit and is available in sizes 67, 72, 77, 82 and 95mm.


  • 1-5 True Colour VND – The world’s best VND

Stackable Add-ons

  • ND16 True Colour (4-stop / 1.2) – Convert the 1-5 VND to 5-9 VND
  • Black Mist 1/4 or 1/8 – Add cinematic atmosphere and bloom highlights
  • IR Cut – IR Cut filter for BMPCC and RED users
  • True Colour Circular Polariser – Remove Reflections and Glare, Enhance Contrast, Saturate Foliage

Use the add-ons without the 1-5 VND foundation

  • Adapter Rings – To mount Swift filters without 1-5 VND in low light

Adapter Ring for Low Light – What if you’re shooting in low light and don’t want to use the 1-5 VND as a foundation? The Swift system offers affordable adapter rings that then serve as the foundation that the other filters can clip onto.

New Optical Tech – The New ND16 features all of the latest tech that has made NiSi’s 1-5 True Colour VND the best in the world. A lot of this tech comes form NiSi’s R&D to develop the ultimate full spectrum ND filters for cinema (still unreleased). It ensures that you can darken your exposure by up to 9-stops with class-leading colour, contrast and detail performance.

The IR-Cut filter has the most layers in any NiSi filter ever made – a total of 38, to ensure the best possible colour capture for RED and Blackmagic users.


Swift Kit Options

NiSi offers kit options for existing 1-5 True Colour owners as well as new buyers with different needs.

VND Kit – Allows 1-9 Stop ND range without X-effect or colour cast

  • 1-5 Stop True Colour VND
  • ND16
  • Filter Cap
  • Caddy Pouch

Add-On Kit – Expansion Kit for Existing 1-5 Stop True Colour Owners

  • ND16
  • Black Mist 1/4
  • Filter Cap
  • Caddy Pouch

VND Mist Kit – Full house filmmaker filter kit

  • 1-5 Stop True Colour VND
  • ND16 Black Mist 1/4
  • IR Cut
  • Filter Cap
  • Caddy Pouch

95mm 1/8, 82mm 1/8, 77mm 1/8, 72mm 1/8, 67mm 1/8, 95mm 1/4, 82mm 1/4, 77mm 1/4, 72mm 1/4, 67mm 1/4