NiSi ATHENA PRIME 85mm T1.9 Full-Frame Lens


NiSi ATHENA PRIME 85mm T1.9 Full-Frame Lens

Key Features
  • Full-Frame | T1.9 to T22
  • 80mm Front Diameter
  • 10 Aperture Blades
  • 0.8 MOD Focus and Aperture Gears
  • 300° Focus Rotation
  • Lens Markings in Feet and Meters
  • Available in E-Mount, PL-Mount and RF-Mount
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Capture high-quality images using a full-frame camera with this NiSi ATHENA PRIME 85mm T1.9 Full-Frame Lens. The lens features 10 aperture blades, micro-contrast control, and low chromatic aberration to highlight image details without distortion. It has an aperture range of T1.9 to T22 and an 80mm front diameter with minimal focus breathing.

The focus ring is capable of rotating 300° for intuitive control. Markings on the lens are fluorescent and in both feet and meters. The lens has a 24° horizontal angle of view and a 46mm image circle to capture as many details as possible. An included drop-in filter mount places your lens filters of choice in between your camera sensor and lens body.

Features at a Glance
  • Maximum T1.9 aperture for deep depth of view and increased area of focus
  • 10 aperture blades for smooth, circular bokeh
  • 300° focus ring rotation
  • Fluorescent markings in feet and meters
  • 80mm front diameter, 77mm filter thread
  • Drop-in filter mount
  • 31.5″ minimum focusing distance
  • Industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus and aperture rings for use with follow focus systems