iFootage MA5-6 Spider Crab Magic Arm with QR Mounting (11″)


iFootage MA5-6 Spider Crab Magic Arm with QR Mounting (11″)

iFootage Spider Crab Overview
QR mounting modules on each end make this flexible 11″ long MA5-6 Spider Crab Magic Arm from iFootage a valuable tool to speed up your workflow while keeping your attached accessories safe. The arm supports up to 13.2 lb and features a QR cold shoe mounting foot on one end and a combination 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 QR mounting module with ARRI-Anti-twist pins on the other. The module allows you to select between 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16, and 3/8″-16 with ARRI anti-twist pins.

The arm allows you to mount and position accessories such as lights or a monitor onto a cold shoe. The QR system features a dual-lock safety system independent of the arm’s central locking knob, and the QR system also allows you to swap out adapter ends for optional replacements for more flexibility. Anti-slip gears in the center hub hold the arm in the position you set when tightening the central locking lever, which also locks the ends in position.

QR Attachment Modules
The QR modules allow you to attach the module to your accessory or camera/cage/support, and then mount the arm on the module and secure it with the dual locking system. This makes it easier to attach the arm to your camera or accessory, as you don’t have to contend with the length of the arm or that it is already attached to the camera or accessory. It also enables you to leave just the QR attached to the module when packing your gear away, and you can source additional modules and pre-attach them to your accessory for an even faster workflow.
1/4″-20, 3/8″-16, ARRI Anti-Twist Module
This module features a flip-up twist tab that lets you engage either the 1/4″-20 thread or raise a 3/8″-16 sleeve around the 1/4″-20 screw. Continuing to twist the tab engages the ARRI-compatible anti-twist pins. Reversing the direction of the twist disengages the pins, and then the sleeve.

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Product Specification
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Weight: 222 g
Product Size: 189 x 39 x 97 mm
Shipping Weight: 307 g
Package Size: 205 x 125 x 45 mm
Compatibility: Portkeys LH5H 5.2″ Monitor