iFootage Komodo K7 Fluid Head

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iFootage Komodo K7 Fluid Head

Key Features
  • 7 kg Weight Capacity
  • Flat Base with 3/8″-16 Threaded Hole
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • 4 x Steps plus Zero Counterbalance
  • Independent Pan/Tilt Drag and Locks
  • Drop-In Quick Release Plate
  • Plate Accommodates Thick Lens
  • +90 to -70° Tilt Range, 360° Pan Range
  • Integrated Bubble Level
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he Komodo K7 Fluid Head from iFootage is designed with a wide-platform flat base for additional stability. It has a 3/8″-16 threaded mounting hole, making it suitable for use on sliders, flat base tripods, and bowl-based tripods with an optional half ball adapter. The fluid head features anodized aluminum construction that makes it lightweight at 1.95 kg, durable, and corrosion-resistant. It supports up to 7 kg of camera and rig weight, and it features four steps of counterbalance for fine-tuning the head to match the needs of the shot. You can also set the counterbalance to zero for a completely free operation.

The head has independent pan and tilt drag and locks, allowing you to adjust the settings for one axis without affecting the other. The fluid head features a +90 to -70° tilt range, allowing you to tilt completely straight down and tilt up nearly straight. The 360° of continuous pan allows you to endlessly pan if so desired. The drop-in quick release plate offers  over 3″ of travel for balance adjustment and is indexed, making it easier to rebalance when you change lenses. The front of the quick release plate is thinner than the rear, where the camera attaches, providing clearance for larger diameter lenses.

Load capacity up to 7 kg with up to 5 kg of counterbalance
Integrated bubble level helps you level the head
Fully adjustable foam grip arm can be operated on either side of the head
Safety catch helps prevent the quick release plate from accidentally falling from the head
Precise CNC-machined structure provides lightweight but solid support
Anodized black finish
Low-temperature operation