Autocue 19″ Pioneer Studio Box Lens Teleprompter


Autocue 19″ Pioneer Studio Box Lens Teleprompter

  • Designed for the largest broadcast setups
  • Extra-large hood opening fits any box lens
  • Prompter is front mounted with camera and lens in position
  • Easy to read high brightness monitor can be used in any light
  • Ready to integrate with a choice of input options
  • Optional accessories available to increase presenter information
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Designed to work with heavyweight camera setups, the 19” Pioneer Studio Box Lens Teleprompter includes two important differences to standard Autocue Pioneer prompter systems. The first is a bigger opening in the hood. This is large enough to fit any box lens and surrounded by black cloth that wraps the lens to prevent light from getting in around it. The second difference is the use of telescopic rods to mount the prompter system to the front of a heavy-duty pan and tilt head with mounting threads (rather than a mounting kit that sits under the camera). Installing a prompter like this means you don’t have to move a heavy camera/lens during setup and helps you to stay friendly with the camera operators.

Pioneer Series packages include our highest spec monitors with a brightness that will out-perform any lighting situation to keep your presenter on-script. Like all Autocue monitors they have a strong metal housing ready to take years of hard work. With 3G-SDI, CVBS, VGA, and HDMI inputs to choose from you can be sure the prompter will integrate whether you have a single PC or a full broadcast facility.

The Pioneer Studio Box Lens Teleprompter comes with our largest hood to ensure there’s no chance of unwanted vignetting, at even the widest angle. The hood is made of a lightweight composite and holds Autocue 70:30 beamsplitter glass that clearly displays the text to the presenter while keeping it invisible to the camera. If you need to show even more information to your presenter, we offers accessories for tally, time and talent feedback.