Autocue 12″ Pioneer Jib Teleprompter


Autocue 12″ Pioneer Jib Teleprompter

  • Designed for small payload supports
  • Medium hood and ultra-lightweight small monitor
  • Adjustable mounting kit makes it simple to position the lens
  • High brightness monitor can be used in any indoor or outdoor light
  • Ready to integrate with a choice of input options
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When your camera support is demanding, we have options. The 12” Pioneer Jib Teleprompter is the smallest Autocue teleprompter package with a composite hood. This keeps it lightweight for low-capacity support and stable during the higher speed moves you might want from a jib.

Pioneer Series packages include our highest spec monitors with a brightness that will out-perform any lighting situation to keep your presenter on-script. Like all Autocue monitors they have a strong but lightweight metal housing ready to take years of hard work. We’ve selected a 12” monitor with aluminium casing for this system to keep the weight down and you can expect around a 4.5m/15’ max reading range. 3G-SDI, CVBS, VGA, and HDMI inputs make sure the prompter will integrate whether you have a single PC or a full broadcast facility.

The Pioneer Series Jib Teleprompter has our medium hood which allows for all but the widest angle lenses and weighs less than its larger sibling. The hood is made of a lightweight composite and holds Autocue 70:30 beamsplitter glass that clearly displays the text to the presenter while keeping it invisible to the camera.